NOVAS Technology Co., Ltd


Company Name

Company Name: Sao Moi Technology Limited Company

Transaction Name: NOVAS Technology Company

Abbreviated Name: NOVAS (Name Of Vietnam Advanced Systems)

Novas Vision

“To become an engineering and technology company in line with South East Asian class firms, able to compete with foreign products and able to conduct projects at developing countries”.

Novas Value

“Research in engineering and technology together with enthusiastic and innovative engineers to deliver high value products and services”.

Operation Fields

  • Automation and Control System Integration (SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
  • Virtual Reality Systems (Simulators)
  • Energy Management and Manufacturing Optimization (Lean Factory)
  • Electric Devices and Automation Equipment Sales
  • Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance Services

Priority Fields

  • Mining
  • Pure and Waste Water

With our innovative and motivated team, we wish to collaborate with our customers and commit to bring win-win development for both sides.

  1. Novas History

    2005 Launch: Novas was established, by a group of enthusiastic and passionate people in automation. Initial works were to build new training kits to serve universities and colleges such as Da Nang University of Technology, Da Nang College of Technology, Hai Van Cement Company, Hoa Tho Textile Company…

    2006-2007 Difficulty Overcome: With experiences over years and knowledge gained from Eastern countries, Novas started to work with improvement on factory automation, alongside with development of training kits to win the first prize of national training kit competition 2006.

    2008-2009 Grown-up: The name is better recognized in centered Vietnam, our SCADA products were done for Bong Mieu gold processing plant, Hai Van cement company, and our waste processing system of 5000m3 was used at ITG Phong Phu USA…

    2010 Development: Novas was trusted to carry on top-notch projects under the sense of key-handover, for Phuoc Son gold processing factory of Olympus Pacific Canada, valued at 3 million USD, Lean factory for Mabuchi Motor Japan, SCADA for remote control and monitor for DAWACO water processing company and Vitens-Evides Holland…

    2011 Affirmation: Novas affirms that we are able to responsibly join national and SAE class projects in automation and electrics.

"The NOVAS's youth tries to give pleasures to its customers based on listening, thinking and doing well with the highest passion."


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