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Recruitment 07/2013 (Hydra Vietnam)

Hydra Vietnam is a Czech capacitor manufacturer based in Dien Nam Dien Ngoc IZ which comes into operation early 2014. We are now recruiting staff for the following positions :

1. Foreman: 06 persons

  • Education (level and field): professional school, high school
  • Experience (duration and field): 1 year in production
  • Language skills: Basic English
  • PC skills: MS Office user – Excel, Outlook
  • Responsibility :
    • Meeting deadlines of orders according to the planner´s requirements.
    • Organization of the shift and solving operational problems.
    • Proper keeping of pertaining documentation, for observing quality indicators of made production.

2. Quality inspector: 05 persons

  • Education (degree and orientation): high school, technical orientation (electrical, machinery).
  • Experience (length and orientation): optimally 1 year of practice.
  • Language knowledge: active knowledge of German or English.
  • Work with PC: MS Office – user knowledge – Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Internet, knowledge of the Navision system is an advantage.
  • Other knowledge: basic knowledge of the ISO 9001:2000 standard.
  • Responsibility :
    • Production quality .
    • Daily analyses of rejects rate.

3. Setter: 08 persons

  • Education (level and field): professional school, high school (engineering, electrical).
  • Experience (duration and field): 2 years in production (machinery adjusting).
  • Language skills: basic English.
  • PC skills: MS Office.
  • Responsibility :
    • Adjusting machines and their faultless operation.
    • Releasing the order production, executing all prescribed tests and proper keeping of pertaining documentation.
    • Maintenance and repairs on entrusted machinery and equipment,production quality.

4. Production planner : 03 persons

  • Education (level and field): high school, orientation is not decisive.
  • Experience (duration and field): 3 years in production.
  • Language skills: passive knowledge of English or German
  • PC skills: MS Office – user (Word, Excel, Outlook).
  • Responsibility :
    • Planning and monitoring the course of capacitors production.
    • Meeting deadlines according to the requirements of the order centre.
    • For archiving of all production documentation, continuous improvement of the entrusted process, on the technological and qualitative side as well.

The successful candidates will be sent to Jicin, Czech Republic for training before strat working.

Application deadlines : July 15, 2013.

For further information please contact:

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